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The History of Culinary Caring Art

The art of fruit and vegetable carving has its roots in the age of the Chinese Tang Dynasty (AD 618-906) and Sung Dynasty (AD 960-1279). This exquisite craft has been slowly developed and refined over the years in China.

These beautiful garnishes and fruit carvings were not only created for the Kaiser's feudal banquets but they were also popular among average people, who enjoyed beautiful artistic food presentations.

Located in the Bay Area since 1998, Art Chef Inc., has been actively promoting the intricate Chinese art of fruit and vegetable carving to the general public as well as to many professionals in the food service industry around the United States through its fruit and vegetable carving training programs, exquisite carving centerpieces for special events, and carving demonstrations, conducted by its founder, Chef Jimmy Zhang.

Over the years, Art Chef Inc. has graduated many chef students, whose culinary carving skills have won them numerous titles.

Chef Jimmy's artistic talents and his reputation as a dedicated carving art teacher have drawn many people from faraway states and lands to the Bay Area to study the carving art under him.

Chef Jimmy could be reached by phone at 510-368-2509, or by email at: info@artchef.com


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“I am so pleased with all I've learned from you in just a few short hours. My Dad recently celebrated his 85th birthday and I made melon and fruit carving centerpieces for a gathering of over 100 people. I was surprised at the number of people who came up to me and asked where I had learned to do this. After the party ended, over ten people stayed to see me demonstrate the carving technique I learned from you. It's really not difficult. It is a lot of fun and people are astonished at the beautiful results.

I have also purchased your DVD and really enjoyed watching it. It is a great tool. I'm learning new things and am glad to have this to refresh my memory of the techniques I learned in class. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn this amazing skill. ”

J. Wilfred