International Chef, Jimmy Zhang

Jimmy Zhang, founder of Art Chef Inc. graduated from the Culinary Arts Institute in China in 1989 as chef with a personal interest in the ancient fruit and vegetable carving art. Through his diligence and a strong desire to master the art, Chef Jimmy excelled in his artistic creations within a couple years and was invited to teach fruit carving classes at a culinary school in 1993.

Chef Jimmy had participated in a number of professional fruit carving competitions in China, at the Province level as well as National level. He had won many championship titles and has been recognized as one of the best fruit carving art chef in China.

In 1998, Chef Jimmy came to the United States making his mark in the US professional culinary carving world with his unique talents and his vast experience in the Chinese art of fruit and veggie carving. Chef Jimmy had earned many medals for top positions at the American Culinary Competition and Professional Chef Competition in this country.

Chef Jimmy holds carving classes at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center, teaching people in his community the basic techniques of fruit and veggie carving. As an experienced art teacher, Chef Jimmy has developed a very effective teaching method that helps his students learn well and be able to practice the art after completing the course.

For the professionals in the culinary world and more serious culinary artists, who wish to achieve the higher levels of artistry, Chef Jimmy had designed a five-day, one-on-one, special intensive training program appropriate for individual student's skill levels.

Aside from teaching and practicing this amazing ancient carving art, Chef Jimmy is diligent in finding new ways to improve his techniques combining with his creativity to take his artistry to the next level.

Chef Jimmy is committed to promoting this highly regarded culinary art through his own work and through the many excellent students of his, who share the same passion with him on this exquisite craft.



Art Chef Jimmy Zhang Winner of Las Vegas Professional Chef Competition, Winner of Los Angeles Maerican Culinary Federation Competition, Champion of China National CUlinary Federation Competition