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Fruit and Vegetable Carving  classes Culinary Carving Classes, Courses for professionals and amateurs by International Chef Jimmy Zhang

One-on-One Private Classes

 Class Fee: $50/hour

Material Fee: $10/hour

Class Length:

- Level I 3 days (6 hour/day)

- Level II 3 days (8 hour/day)

- Level III 2 days (8 hour/day)

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Private Group Classes

Class Fee: $550

Class length: 4 to 5 hours

Maximum people: 5

To arrange a private group class, please contact ArtChef.

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Public Classes

Class Fee: $75

Material Fee: $15

Class Length: 3 hours

For more information on upcoming public classes, please contact ArtChef.

One Week Accelerated Class Program

One Week Accelerated Classes

Based on American food culture and his teaching experience in the US, Chef Jimmy designs his course to include lectures, demonstrations and hands-on practice in an assortment of carving techniques that are simple, easy-to-learn and practical. A beginner may grasp the essence in a short period of time and quickly use in his/her own applications.

Classes content -- Flowers, Insects, Fish, Birds & Centerpiece.

Introduction to using special tools, simple techniques, and carving a variety of flowers with vegetables, fruit and melons. Learn to carve insects, fish, birds, and to create a beautiful floral centerpiece with every day vegetable and fresh greenery.

Upon the complexioned one week accelerated classes, you will be able to create a beautiful centerpiece with a variety vegetable flowers, birds and insects. This ancient art that will amaze your friends and family, when they see your masterpiece.

One Week Accelerated Advance Classes

Students who want to take one week accelerated advance classes must have some basic carving skill and experience. Through 3-4 hours per day classes and  high strength practice, Chef Jimmy will train you to become a carving expert within one week.

Classes content -- Advanced Birds, Animals & Integrated showpiece. 

Advanced carving techniques to carve birds such as swans, peacocks, eagle, cranes, and others like horse, deer, dragon, watermelon lantern and to arrange with flowers and birds to create integrated show pieces.


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If you are interested in joining an upcoming class or workshop, contact Art Chef by completing the online form.


Testimonial from Culinary Carving Artist Yung Cohn

I just completed my 5-day Accelerated Advanced Training Program with Art Chef Jimmy Zhang. It was the best training experience I have ever had. Chef Jimmy turned out to be the right teacher. His great talent and dedication were an inspiration for my quest of learning, practicing, and mastering this fascinating ancient art of fruit and vegetable carving.

Chef Jimmy and I share the same passion for practicing the art, learning from self-development and from other artists, taking our skills to next level of artistry, promoting the art to the public, and teaching.

Chef Jimmy is a dedicated teacher who truly wants to impart his skills to his students. He meticulously and methodically trains his students so they may achieve the high quality level of carving artistry. I have learned so much from Chef Jimmy during these five days.

Chef Jimmy is also a very creative artist, who constantly searches for new ideas, and has the incredible skills to bring his new creative ideas to fruition with his uniquely-exquisite showpieces.

No matter what carving style you have been practicing, Chef Jimmy will enrich your skills and enlighten your perspective on the carving art.

Yung Cohn
Maryland, USA

Testimonial from Culinary Instructor Nicole Bennett

After seeing Chef Jimmy's work and reading about him I was very excited to have the opportunity to learn from him. I traveled from Ohio to California for this opportunity and can say it was beyond my expectations and well worth the trip. His direction and encouragement while learning the complicated and beautiful art of carving was extraordinary!

He is very considerate, patient, and conscious of taking the time to really make sure that you understand what you need to practice in order to excel. He really takes personal time with you to make sure that you "get it". His attention to detail is outstanding and his passion for this art and helping others is what really stands out in my mind. He is a wonderful teacher! I would highly recommend anyone interested in this art form to take every opportunity to learn from Chef Jimmy's incredible skills. Creativity is endless and it was a joy and privilege to watch him work and learn from his experience! I am very thankful for all he has taught me and look forward to taking more classes in the future!

Nicole Bennett Chef Instructor – Columbus Culinary Institute