Testimonials from Clients & Students

The National Opera Ball

Dear Jimmy,
"Thank you so much for making the Opera Ball a huge success. Nothing but glowing remarks from the chairwoman, the Ambassador and so many of the guests. Your pieces were so beautiful and added so much to the party. Your work is featured in almost all of the early press pieces. (I’ve attached some links below). I really appreciate all of your artistry, professionalism, flexibility and good humor under very stressful conditions. Please pass along our sincere thanks to your assistants Eddie and Bang-on."


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Private Group Class Feedback

"I just want to thank you so much for a really fun class in fruit and vegetable carving. Your thoroughness and patience were very much appreciated!! I definitely learned more than I ever expected!! It's amazing what we all accomplished in just 2 days!! I would highly recommend your classes to anyone in the culinary field or anyone who has a passion working with food!! You are an exceptional teacher and I hope I get to take more of your classes!! It was definitely worth making the trip from NYC!!

Here are the pics of our class with some videos, as well."

Warmest regards,
Angela Wong

Demonstration at Art Gallery

"Jimmy Zhang rocked our foodie world with his knife expertise at the Eclectix culinary carving demonstration on Sunday. The crowd was duly impressed as a carrot became flowers that fell from his fingers like magic. Not to mention the little bird, a pair of intricate butterflies, a white radish rose with their beet juice tinted petal tips. From a cantaloupe grew a multi-layered lily on it's own pad. For the grand finale, a flowering watermelon, with translucent layers from dark green, white/lime to deep red. Resounding applause ( as well as harmonious ooooh's and aaahhh's) followed Jimmy's every creation and a good, fun & learning time was had by all!"



Chef Jimmy could be reached by phone at 510-368-2509, or by email at: zjimmy@gmail.com


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Feedback from student Randi:

"Recently I had the pleasure of attending a 5 day private workshop from Chef Jimmy Zhang, and, I would highly recommend his classes to anyone interested in learning this beautiful art. He is a dedicated, patient teacher who genuinely wants people to learn. He first establishes what you already know, then your learning speed. After that he adjusts what he needs to show you to your level. It was great!!! He made sure I was comfortable with one thing before he moved on to the next. I will be going back."

Randi Milliser
North Idaho


Feedback for Chef Jimmy Zhang's Classes:

"I recently had the opportunity to attend fruit carving classes under Chef Jimmy Zhang. It was a pleasure to attend Chef Jimmy's class. In the initial classes itself he could figure out my grasping and skill levels. Then he had paced himself so that I could grasp the fullest and in the best way possible. He always made sure that I had grasped the technique. Once he felt that I had grasped the technique he made me practice the skill. When practicing Jimmy knew the exact place where I was going wrong and had corrected me. Only then he would proceed to the next part of the class. I liked the way he revises each session in the last few minutes of the class. I had always thought that fruit carving needs people who are born with skill. But now I think that, all that's needed are Jimmy's class and lots of practice."

Sunnyvale, CA


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